The Friday Tipple: Vacationland


We’re on vacation, Boozers. Not only that, we’re in Vacationland itself, the great state of Maine, the way life should be. Surrounded by softly rippling blue water, perky green pine trees, and fluffy little clouds, it’s like living inside a Bob Ross painting. And so, we are doing what one should do when on vacation: kicking back, communing with the locals, and eschewing work of any kind. We advise you to do the same, whether you are on vacation today or not. It’s Friday, and it’s happy hour somewhere. Ayup.


Although we ain’t concocting any cocktails this week, we are happy to detail some of the fine items we’ve found, and would like to commend the great state of Maine for making liquor available right in the local drugstore. Talk about Yankee ingenuity. Not only that, but there’s something about the fleeting nature of a Downeast summer that makes everything taste more intense, tinged with a briny sweetness.

Shipyard Smashed Blueberry Malt Beverage
Twenty2 Vodka
Cold River Blueberry Vodka
Liberal Cup Tarbox Cream Stout
Tree Spirits Knotted Maple Liqueur
Honeymaker Dry Mead

The Friday Tipple: Pear Champagne Cocktail

TGIF, Boozers. We’ve had a long week and so we were already in a celebratory mood before we spotted this little message on Twitter: “Pearousia pear brandy is HERE!”. We may have even heard a choir of angels sing. Did we mention it’s been a long week?

‘Nuff said, Boozers, we need no more encouragement than that to crack open a bottle of bubbly. Our friends at Catoctin Creek Distilling Company make a luscious pear brandy known as Pearousia, and if you live in the DC area, we suggest that you run, not walk, to snag one of the 402 bottles now available. We already have a bottle, and in fact had planned a different Pearousia cocktail coming to you in a couple of weeks, but we pulled this together today because we couldn’t wait another minute.

If you can’t get Pearousia, don’t despair. As you know, we encourage you to buy local, and our loyal Boozers are spread far and wide; pear brandy pops up in small distilleries across North America, so we suggest that you check in your local area. Also known as an eau-de-vie, pear brandies are made at Clear Creek Distillery in Oregon, Harvest Spirits in New York, and Bartlett Winery in Maine. However, most liquor stores will carry a bottle of pear brandy, perhaps just slightly dusty, somewhere on their shelves. Grab it.

Pear Champagne Cocktail

We like to use a little turbinado sugar with this, borrowing from an Italian tradition of dropping a sugar cube into a glass of champagne, symbolizing the sweetness of life. Steal a few packets of Sugar-in-the-Raw the next time you’re buying a pricey cup of coffee and keep them at home for this tipple.

Chilled champagne

Pear Brandy

Fresh pear, chopped (remove the skin first, if you like, but we don’t)

Turbinado (raw) sugar

Drop a few pieces of pear into the bottom of a champagne flute and sprinkle some sugar over the top. Let sit for a few minutes while the sugar softens, then pour 1 ounce of pear brandy over the pear. Allow to macerate for 15 minutes, then top with chilled champagne. Salut!