Tequila-Pickled Gherkins

Tequila-Pickled Gherkins

We’ve been growing some Mexican Sour Gherkins in the cocktail garden this summer, and we’re in love. They look like tiny little watermelons, with a crunchy tart taste. Always on the lookout for a new garnish, we decided that we’d pickle a batch to use in some of our favorite cocktails — particularly Bloody Marys and martinis.

A simple refrigerator pickle is how we treated this garnish — you can always take the next step and properly can and store a batch or two to give to friends or for a nice winter cocktail treat. We like to use a combination of tequila and vinegar as our pickling solution, just to give it a little kick, but you could easily substitute gin or vodka, and add hot peppers or anything else that strikes your fancy. Small gherkin cucumbers are easy to grow, even in a pot on the windowsill or balcony, and check your local farmers markets — these little cuties are becoming increasingly popular this season.

for one jar of pickled gherkins:

1 cup cleaned fresh tiny gherkin cucumbers

1/2 cup silver tequila

1/2 cup white vinegar

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 teaspoon black peppercorns

several sprigs of fresh dill

Put all ingredients in a large mason jar or other lidded container and tighten the lid. Shake vigorously, then put in the refrigerator. Leave for four days, shaking the jar a couple of times a day. Can be used for a garnish at this point, but continue to keep refrigerated, for up to several weeks.

Cocktail recipes:

Mary’s Cherry

Pickled Summer Martini


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  1. […] Mexican Sour Gherkins in the cocktail garden left us somewhat overwhelmed, until we decided to just pickle the little darlings. And, to make it a bit more fun, we pickled them in tequila, which they liked just fine, thank you […]

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