Drunken Cherry Tomatoes

Drunken Cherry Tomatoes

We’ve been growing an interesting variety of cherry tomatoes in the cocktail garden called “blueberry tomatoes”. They have a lovely color combination, pink on the bottom that becomes dark purple at the top, and are quite sweet when ripe — although not exactly like a blueberry. If you’re growing cherry tomatoes, whether in a pot on the windowsill or out in the front yard, you know that they can be prolific little suckers. One of our favorite ways to use them up is to let them soak up some vodka, making them a nice addition to our version of a Bloody Mary, Mary’s Cherry.

One cup fresh whole cherry tomatoes, any variety

Vodka (use a vodka you would drink, not the $5 bottle that the college kids buy — we like Boyd & Blair or Square One)

A scant teaspoon of sugar

A few basil buds (0ptional)

Poke each tomato a few times with a toothpick, to allow the vodka to soak in. Put the cherry tomatoes into a mason jar, sprinkle with sugar, and cover with vodka. Seal the jar, shake lightly, and refrigerate for a couple of days. Add the fresh basil buds, if you wish, then reseal, shake lightly again, and refrigerate for one more day. Can be consumed at this point  and will keep, refrigerated, for up to two weeks.

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