Cocktail Cubes

Cocktail Cubes

We love to change up a cocktail with a tasty little cube, and nothing could be easier to make. Consider this: when you add ice cubes to a drink, you’re adding water which dilutes the flavor. By amping up the cube itself with a few simple additives, you are adding interesting new layers of flavor to the cocktail as that cube melts. It’s not rocket science, dudes — just common sense.

All you really need to do is add some chopped herbs, fruit, or other spices to an ice cube tray with water. We like to whiz the herbs up in a blender with a bit of water; different herbs work really well with different drinks. Try fresh thyme in a gin-and-lemonade, fresh mint for a mojito, and garlic chives for a Bloody Mary. The possibilities are truly endless.

Cinnamon Basil Cubes: Iced Amalfi Americano

Citrus-Beer Cubes: Back to School Shandy

Plum-Ginger Cubes: Moment of Zen

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  1. […] week, with today’s offering, the Iced Amalfi Americano, featuring one of our favorite tricks: the cocktail cube. A few weeks back, we picked up a Cinnamon Basil plant from the local home improvement store for a […]

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