Good Booze in the Garden

Urban Garden

We’re growing our cocktails, Boozers. Follow along as we post recipes of truly the freshest cocktails ever made.

Fresh Strawberry Ale

Iced Amalfi Americano

Strawberry Vinegar Negroni

Cantaloupe Cantina Cooler

Naughty Miss Parsley

Watermelon Moonshine Shooter

Lady Luck

Fresh Currant Cobbler

Sugarbaby Daiquiri

Mary’s Cherry

Pickled Summer Martini

DMV Iced Tea

Meemaw’s Mojito

Published on May 23, 2014 at 10:43 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. […] summer, as we explore cocktails from the garden, we’re bringing you a Garden Tipple each week, with today’s offering, the Iced Amalfi […]

  2. […] immediately thought of making cantaloupe juice, an embarrassingly easy little job. Until our summer cocktail garden fills in, we’ve been rejoicing in the beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables to be found at […]

  3. […] a bit pickled, Boozers. A bumper crop of adorable Mexican Sour Gherkins in the cocktail garden left us somewhat overwhelmed, until we decided to just pickle the little darlings. And, to make it […]

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