Gin Cocktails

Ah, yes, we do have rather an affinity for gin, with its lightly herbaceous flavors. All gin must contain juniper berries, giving it a mildly piney undertone; traditional gins are wheat-based and can range from subtly floral to bolder citrus flavors, while rye-based gins have a bit of a spicy punch that stands up well with fruity mixers.

Banana River Sunset


Cain’s Mutiny

Fizzy Friday

Gin Gone Viral

Gin Mickey

Global Warming Gin Fizz

Green Goddess

Lavender Lemonade with Hot Gin

Midnight in Paris

Mother’s Little Helper

Mr. Collins


Pear & Pimm’s

Pitcher’s Revenge

Power Outage Martini

Pumpkin Pimm’s

Raspberry Vinegar Rickey

The Wolfhound

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  1. […] we’d think about gin. What could be better, really? Actually, we’ve now created a Gin Cocktails section to the Good Booze recipe index, so that you can quickly find gin cocktails whenever the […]

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