The Friday Tipple: Sick Day

Sick Day

We’re a bit under the weather, Boozers. You may be as well, it being that time of year when we find ourselves trapped indoors together, the air visibly ping-ponging with rogue germs. If it’s too late to strap on a face mask, then there’s not much to do but wrap your sorry self up in that old flannel bathrobe and call in sick.

The problem, of course, is when there’s that meeting you just can’t miss, or the deadline that can’t be pushed back one more time. Sometimes the lure of a year-end bonus far outweighs a little physical discomfort. As our loyal Boozers know, we adore the restorative properties of a hot toddy, but we were perplexed as to how to partake of such a cup of comfort within the office environs.

Luckily, we were rescued by none other than Woody Harrelson, the poster child of slackerdom, who, in a recent interview, noted that putting a teabag in a cup is a clever disguise for its actual contents. Duly noted, Mr. Harrelson, and we’ll put that advice to good use in the Sick Day, where Earl Grey tea-infused vodka and actual chamomile tea come together to perk you up just long enough to get you through until quittin’ time.

Sick Day

Earl Grey tea makes an excellent infusion with vodka — and it couldn’t be simpler. We took a bottle of our favorite Boyd & Blair Vodka and stuffed a few tea bags in the neck, allowing the strings to dangle out of the top so we could more easily remove the tea bags later. Then we just set it aside for a few days, until it reached the strength we wanted, and pulled the bags out. You’ll notice that the tannins in the tea make for a lovely silky mouthfeel.

2 ounces Earl Grey tea-infused vodka, at room temperature or slightly warm

2 ounces hot water fresh from the tea kettle

1 ounce mandarinetto (limoncello will also work – we enjoy Don Ciccio & Figli)

1 chamomile tea bag

Combine the vodka and hot water in a tea cup, then float the mandarinetto over the top. Add the chamomile tea bag and allow to steep for a few minutes, then drink up.

No time to infuse the vodka? No problem. Simply steep an Earl Grey tea bag in two ounces of boiling water for two minutes. Then add vodka and proceed with the rest of the recipe.



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