The Friday Tipple: Calendula Cure-All

Calendula Cure-All

We’re broke, Boozers. And by broke, we mean broken, literally. Using a cocktail shaker with one hand is no easy trick, we can assure you, so we’ve had to reconsider the options for making a tasty cocktail – purely for medicinal purposes, of course. Time for apothecary cocktails – in bulk.

Apothecary cocktails are based on the herbal concoctions popular at one time in the 19th century. Purported to cure everything from baldness to cancer, these bottled wonders generally proved to be little more than alcohol and a few herbs and sugar – basically, bottled cocktails. Poured over ice, they might’ve been a perfect sipper to enjoy on the porch at the end of a weary day.

Our Calendula Cure-All will certainly provide relief for whatever ails you. Chock full of anti-inflammatories from calendula and mint, and antibacterial properties from juniper berries, which are used liberally in the making of gin, we feel certain that this is one bottle of medicine that you will always want to keep on hand… just in case of emergency, of course.

Calendula Cure-All

Marigolds, also known as calendula, are a common flower in most gardens, making them a perfect ingredient for use in cocktails. Both the leaves and the flowers can be used, dried or fresh, and the petals impart a lovely saffron color. This Cure-All can be made in advance, bottled, and refrigerated for up two weeks, allowing you to pour yourself a tot whenever you feel a bit weak.

1 cup fresh marigold flower heads
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
Quarter cup fresh marigold leaves
2 cups white wine (try a nice local Chardonnay)
3/4 cup gin (we like Catoctin Creek)
1/2 cup limoncello (our favorite is Don Ciccio & Figgli)
1/8 cup lavender honey

Put all ingredients into an empty wine bottle and mix thoroughly. Cork and place in refrigerator to chill for two hours before serving. May be served over ice with a garnish of fresh lemon.


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