The Friday Tipple: Breaking News

Breaking News

It has been quite a week, dear Boozers. In times such as these, as we huddle near the glow of the evening news telecast or sit in the driveway unable to switch off the car radio, it is difficult to think of anything but sharing in community together. As we have always advocated, cocktails create community and support the local economy. Disasters of many kinds, both natural and man-made, can disrupt the life of a town and its people indefinitely.

After we’ve had our morning coffee, a beer may be in order as we try to absorb the news of the day. For us, it may be the satisfying fizz of our local DC Brau’s aptly-named The Citizen; in Connecticut, the choice might be Thomas Hooker’s Liberator Doppelbock, while Texans might reach for Namaste Brewing’s Post Colonial IPA. Whether you are in Boston, or Aurora, or Oklahoma City, or the south side of Chicago, this is a time to celebrate our communities, embracing our differences without passing judgement.

Support your local breweries by checking out The Beer Mapping Project.



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  1. I wondered what you’d do after this abominable week. You didn’t disappoint. Kudos!

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