Liquor Store Run: Thanksgiving Booze Buying Guide

Sure, you’ve hit the grocery store aisles and stuffed the fridge full of turkey and all the trimmings, but you know that you’ll need liquor to actually make it through Thanksgiving Day. Here’s our suggestions for a successful holiday gathering:

Mimosas are a nice way to start the day, especially when you are faced with cramming your bare hands into a turkey carcass at 6 a.m. This is one of those times when a straw comes in handy since your hands may be slippery from the giblets.

A Liquid Lunch is a necessity when Aunt Hester keeps insisting that canned gravy is just as good as fresh. We find a Bloody Mary does the trick here, as it really is just like having a nice healthy salad with vodka dressing.

Spiked Cocoa does wonders when Gramps keeps wandering into the kitchen and opening the oven door, loudly asking (because he forgot to turn on his hearing aid again) “How much longer ’til the damn turkey’s done?”. A little Kahlua will barely be noticed by the old dear before it sends him into naptime on the couch.

Wine, Glorious Wine with dinner should be whatever you please. You’ve been cooking for hours and the choice is yours. Some will tell you that you may only consume a dry white wine, but we say Bah Humbug to such rules (wrong holiday, but whatever. We’re still punchy from that vodka dressing). Red, white, pink, sparkling – have what you like. You’ve earned it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Boozers.

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