Debate Tipple: The Presidential Pivot

It’s debate time, Boozers. Drinking games abound at this time of year — because who doesn’t enjoy slamming a shot every time the President bashes millionaires or his opponent glorifies Reaganomics? A lot of people will be very, very drunk tonight.

Our own drinking game will require us to actually pay attention to the substance of the debate, which means we may not last too long. We’ll be watching the art of The Pivot, a device by which the candidate cleverly dodges answering the actual question by seamlessly switching to a new topic: for example, a candidate might be asked to explain his opposition to (or support of) universal health care and ends up pushing his concept for lowering taxes for small business owners. If it’s done well, they get away with never answering the original question. If they do it less elegantly, Jim Lehrer slaps them around verbally until they actually have to give an opinion.

To participate in our Presidential Pivot drinking game, you’ll need several shot glasses filled with a variety of liquors, and one filled with water. Each time you identify a pivot, shout “Pivot!” and drink from one of the glasses. The next time you spot another pivot, shout “Pivot!” and drink from a different glass. If the moderator catches the candidate and forces a response, shout “Fail!” and drink some water.

Yes, we think it’s likely you’ll get drunk, so don’t forget cab fare.



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  1. Drunk is almost certainly the best way to watch a political debate.

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