The Friday Tipple: Green Tea Bourbon Cooler

We’re plumb tuckered out, Boozers. Settin’ on the front porch with Meemaw, gently perspiring in the sticky heat of a small-town August has left us in dire need of a Southern-style sweet tea. Meemaw would normally just break out the Luzianne tea bags, but she’s the epitome of Southern hospitality and indulges our big city sensibilities with something just a bit more refined: a refreshingly minty green tea.

Of course, Meemaw likes a little nip now and then, and when the faint breeze is barely stirring the weeping willows that droop across the creek, she feels the need to break out the bourbon, wisely noting “Ain’t no point in waitin’ for sundown. It’s five o’clock somewhere, I ‘spect.”

In all honesty, this tasty concoction should really be known as Meemaw’s Mojito, but she’s too modest to allow all that fuss. Mix it up and drink it down is her philosophy. We’d be well advised to follow her wisdom.

Green Tea Bourbon Cooler

It’s true that we tend to reach for gin, vodka, and tequila during the warm weather months, but with climate change extending far beyond summer, we feel we can’t just abandon bourbon until a cool breeze blows in. Craft bourbons are popping up everywhere these days — sorry, Kentucky — so look for something local to your area. If you can’t find or, horrors, don’t care for bourbon, then a nice rye whiskey gives just the right bite here.

Small handful of fresh clean mint leaves

1 heaping teaspoon superfine sugar

1.5 ounces bourbon whiskey (we like Bowman Brothers Virginia Bourbon Whiskey)

Chilled green tea (we like those that have undertones of lemongrass and mint)

Mint sprig, for garnish

In a tall iced tea glass, place mint leaves and superfine sugar in the bottom. Crush the mint leaves and sugar together with a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon. Add bourbon and stir gently. Top with plenty of ice and chilled green tea, barely stir, and then garnish with more mint.












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