The Friday Tipple: Salted Mineral Vodka

We’re sweating, Boozers. As much as we like to present ourselves as cool and urbane, impeccably linen-clad in the subtropical temperatures, the honest truth is that we are actually perpetually clad in a light film of perspiration. Such is the nature of summer in the city. We surrender.

Rehydrating is the word of the moment in regions gripped by heat — as your body sweats water out, make sure to put more in. This led us to become interested in mineral waters — water that contains naturally-occurring minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and zinc, which can provide beneficial effects, such as helping to build bone density or regulate blood pressure. And then, one day, we were attracted by a slender bottle of black mineral water in the grocery aisle: BLK. We couldn’t resist.

As our loyal Boozers know, we love to make an ice cube and the idea of a black ice cube was too good to pass up. BLK is infused with fulvic acid minerals, which are purported to help boost the immune system, regulate blood circulation, and restore electrolytes — but, whatever, we just think it looks kinda cool. We like to think that floating a BLK cube in a glass of chilled vodka is equivalent to a health drink. Just go with it.

Salted Mineral Vodka

Interestingly, BLK water is more brown than black — the color of a dark roast coffee — and, when frozen, the fulvic minerals tend to form a dark cluster in the center of a clear cube, rather a striking effect, actually. BLK tastes pretty much like standard water, with a slightly earthy, but not unpleasant, aftertaste, and it’s rather good with vodka. We like chilled Boyd & Blair Vodka ourselves, and, as the color of the BLK cubes reminded us of caviar, we topped it off with a bit of salt — just to replenish what we’ve been sweating out.

1 BLK ice cube

2 ounces chilled vodka (go local — we also recommend Square One, Twenty 2, and Cirrus)

pinch of kosher salt

Chill a short cocktail glass in the freezer for 15 minutes. Add vodka, float ice cube in it, and top with a pinch of salt. Za Vas!


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