A Debt Ceiling Deal? We’ll drink to that.

We were relieved to wake up this morning to the news that a deal on the debt ceiling seems to have been agreed upon while some of us slept — but, with a vote on the way, we may all need a stiff drink to swallow what’s left of our pride.

Our Debt Ceiling Delight melds together the taste buds of the left and the right in a celebration of that elusive American quality: compromise. This drink is even better when served in a kitschy piece of Americana — ours pictures the Vulcan statue, a beloved Birmingham, Alabama symbol of American strength and virility.

Debt Ceiling Delight

3 or 4 fresh mint leaves

3 fresh lemon twists

1 large teaspoon lemon-infused simple syrup (whatever — use a packet of sugar from the House cafeteria — you’re gonna need this drink)

Good ole Kentucky bourbon (perhaps Mitch McConnell had a shot poured over his cereal this morning, to steel himself for the vote)

Chilled tea (we used an iced green tea, because those left-wing hippies love that stuff, but a nice strong Lipton suits the Tea Partiers)

Grand Marnier (you know how the Liberal Elite love anything French)

wedge of lemon and a sprig of fresh mint (borrow some from the Obamas’ kitchen garden — they like to spread the wealth)

Put the mint, lemon twists, and simple syrup or sugar in the bottom of a tall glass. Use a muddler or that plastic spoon from the back of the file cabinet to mush it together. Pour over a generous measure of bourbon, depending on how depressed you are over compromising your ideals. Top with several ice cubes and chilled tea, then float a shot of Grand Marnier over the top. Add lemon wedge and mint leaves. Toast to your success at averting a national crisis and then drink deeply before handing your first-born over to the devil.




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