That’s some good booze.

About 20 years ago, fresh out of college and just married, I saw Frank Sinatra in concert with my husband and some friends. Seriously. Ole Blue Eyes. His voice was no longer as rich as it was in the Capitol years, but he still put on a helluva show. Most notably, the concert tour was sponsored by Chivas Regal (no Budweiser for Frank, please), and Mr. Sinatra frequently replenished his highball glass from the bottle he kept handy on stage. Every so often, as he took a long swig from his glass, he’d lean back on his stool and say “Man, that’s some good booze.”

So there you have it. A blog about booze. I am not really a big drinker, but I earned money for college working in bars, both as a cocktail waitress and as a happy hour bartender to the old men who insisted on drinking Rusty Nails, so I enjoy making cocktails. As I once heard the hip mixologist Derek Brown say, “Cocktails create community.” It’s true.

So hoist a glass and come along for the ride. We’ll be making new infusions, trying out some old recipes, and exploring community together. Open containers allowed.



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